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Afterwards, Felicity returned to Palmer Tech, where Curtis decrypted the messages, which revealed Ray was alive and in danger.[80]. Suddenly, the Arrow smashed through glass from the ceiling, along with Arsenal and The Huntress. The character appeared in a recurring role in season one, becoming a series regular for seasons two through seven and appearing as a guest star in the finale of the series eighth and final season. Oliver and Lance broke into the facility and gave Felicity the connection she needed to retrieve and disseminate the information there, leading to a break in the case. Original multiverseTeam Arrow (formerly)Smoak TechnologiesCanaries (erased future; formerly)Massachusetts Institute of Technology (graduated)Queen Consolidated (formerly)Kord Industries (briefly)Tech Village (formerly)Palmer Technologies (formerly)Helix (formerly)Radu's Coffee (formerly)Team Flash (occasionally)New multiverseTeam Arrow (formerly)Team Flash (occasionally)Smoak Tech He apologized to Felicity for not being able to prevent Oliver's death, but claimed that he can save countless others. When Oliver is shot by Moira Queen, he waits in Felicity's car to ask for her help, thus revealing his identity. Ray simply replied that Felicity deserved all this and more. Back at the loft, Felicity showed Oliver a picture of her former goth self in college. Despite Felicity urging him not to kill the Count because of her, Oliver shot him in the chest three times, killing him when he moved to inject her with a high concentration of Vertigo. She also reminded him not to lose himself in his quest for revenge on Darhk. Oliver thanks Felicity for finding AK Desmond Group's location. When the team was successful in capturing Sara, Oliver called in a favor from John Constantine. [215] In his review of Arrow's season one finale, Alasdair Wilkins of The A.V. Labs, keeping Oliver's identity a secret from Harrison Wells. Count Vertigo threatening Felicty in Queen Consolidated's offices. Back at Palmer Tech, Felicity and Curtis discovered the machine required a quantum manifold, which is only manufactured at Kord Industries. [92], At some point in 2040, Felicity apparently turned herself into a criminal named "the Calculator" and was believed to be killed by an unknown person before Roy and William returned from Lian Yu. Featured Arrow Item. Felicity analyzes one of the Dark Archer's arrows. He revealed his new agenda and demanded Felicity to hack the GPS of the treasury trucks bringing freshly-printed cash into the city in order to replenish the banks and reroute them to the warehouse. Oliver eventually caught Roy, who had fallen from the plane, and they performed surgery on him back at the foundry. She confirms and tells him that she will make him the "corporate master of the universe" - being very physical and cupping his face with both of her hands. [3] In her early childhood, Felicity had a teddy bear named Mr. Square Bear, who was her favorite stuffed toy. When asked how he looked, Felicity told him that he looked like a hero.[47]. After Oliver discovered that the Hoods kidnapped Thea, he, Felicity and John went to the upgraded lair. In the field, Felicity accompanied Curtis as he assembled the machine. While Oliver was reluctant to join forces, Felicity worked as a liaison between Team Arrow and Team Flash. She also attends Oliver's funeral, and meets the adult Mia. Later, Felicity walked into the Arrowcave to find that the equipment had been replaced with the Verdant's inventory and furniture. Creeped out, and scared, she vowed to never be bait again, right before she was attacked by the Dollmaker. She enlists the help of Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) to steal them back, to protect Oliver's identity. When the team arrive back, she is seen flirting very obviously with Oliver after he asks her about a fern that appeared on one of the desks. [19] Rickards described Felicity as "definitely embarrassed by her", but stated that through the course of the episode "she ends up accepting her mother for who she is...which is what her mother has taught her to do...Felicity realizes that the acceptance she has for other people sometimes comes later for the people we love the most". Oliver simply smiled and responded, "we both did." Afterwards at the loft, she and Oliver made up, newly confident in their future, and shared a romantic night. Oliver unexpectedly brought Felicity to the Queen Mansion, apparently trying to keep her safe. Nevertheless, Diggle and Oliver both returned, and Oliver prepared to test the cure on Roy. She and John convinced Oliver to come back, under the condition that he did it as Oliver Queen, and not as The Hood. Oliver had the idea to have a fake wedding to draw Carrie out. When Oliver arrived, Felicity reported that she'd found pesticide on the dirt he gave her, giving them Al-Owal's possible hideout. [161] She is also fired from her job as CEO, due to her consistently neglecting her position. Barry mentioned that he'd left a present for Oliver: a mask. Suddenly, Felicity began to walk again and she promptly walked out of the loft, leaving the ring behind.[86]. During their first team meeting at Big Belly Burger, Felicity noticed the attraction between Diggle and his former sister-in-law, Carly, which lead to her persuading/daring the guys to go on dates: Diggle with Carly and Oliver with Detective McKenna Hall. That morning, she went to Palmer Technologies for the first time as the new CEO, only to realize from the board of directors that the company was failing and employee Curtis Holt's algorithm would determine who needed to be fired to keep Palmer Tech afloat. Arrow's Oliver and Felicity Were the Worst Wedding Guests Ever in the CW Crossover Way to steal a wedding ceremony, you guys. "[97] The couple split up during season four and later reunite in the season five finale. [29] Discussing the character's growth across the first season, she noted how with each new experience with 'Team Arrow' Felicity "shrugs off one more restriction that was keeping her held back"[44] and that working undercover allowed her to "put aside some of her inhibitions, and become someone else for a while". Oliver told her that he cannot defeat Slade otherwise, she told him to "make him out-think you". Felicity tries to find common ground with her mother but it is clear the two are very different. After the explosions on Lian Yu, Felicity returned to Star City and decided to partner with Curtis to start a new company, Helix Dynamics. Felicity worked frantically for days to trace Ray's distress call. [79][80] However, Felicity's introduction ultimately led producers to change course. What happened in 1984? Felicity arbeitet lange Zeit alleine mit Oliver bei den Green Arrow-Missionen. [249], In November 2019, DC announced that they would be producing two tie-in comic books, to accompany the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event. Flashbacks revealed that Oliver planned the "I love you" because he knew about Slade's cameras in the mansion and used it as a ploy for Felicity to get near Slade with the cure that Oliver had given her inside the mansion. Felicity convinced Diggle to go home, pointing out that Diggle wouldn't be able to take on Slade if he decided to come after her. When the Count found Felicity's Queen Consolidated ID badge in her coat, he managed to figure out the Arrow's true identity and called Oliver using her phone, using Felicity as bait to lure Oliver to his office. [78] In the DC Comics canon, Green Arrow is often romantically partnered with Black Canary, and in season one Arrow presented their versions of the characters as each other's significant love interest. [256] Arrow: Oliver Queen's Dossier, published in 2016, is presented as a series of documents compiled by Felicity and Oliver, including classified government documents, weapon schematics, news reports, police records and profiles on both their allies and foes. Felicity and Diggle met Roy for the first time, officially welcoming him onto the team. [223] Conner Schwerdtfeger of Cinemablend stated that Arrow " owes much of its success" to the character and to Rickards, when welcoming Mark Guggenheim's assertion that season four would see more of Felicity's 'lighter side' following a darker season three for the character. [13] In November 2019, it was announced that Rickards would return in a guest role for the series finale. [42] Looking back at the series during her review of the season seven finale, Della Harrington of Den of Geek commented that "The magic of the show and the magic of his [Oliver's] team within the show alchemised when John Diggle and Felicity Smoak signed on". Minutes later, Felicity announced that she had found Gold's location and directed John and Oliver to a motel Gold might be staying in. Back at the Arrowcave, Felicity tended to Oliver's injuries and called both him and Diggle out for not having each other's backs, as they both were nearly killed tonight due to operating alone. A week later, Oliver and John arrived at Queen Consolidated to see Felicity and she expressed slight concern over a "hungover" Oliver. Months after Mia's birth, the Monitor came to recruit Oliver to save the multiverse from the Crisis, despite Felicity's resistance. Felicity questioned Walter about a wire transfer Moira made from a flagged account on Tempest. 's facial recognition software to identify the Mayor's real identity, Xavier Reed, and figured out that not only was Reed's foster brother serving in the army, he was also about to hand over assault rifles and grenade launchers to Reed, prompting Oliver to head out and successfully stop it from happening.[42]. Standing before Darhk, she defiantly vowed to never stop fighting to protect her home. As predicted, she was taken by Kuranski, but Oliver shot him through the knee, before being kicked in the crotch by Felicity. [155] The season also sees the introduction of Felicity's mother, Donna Smoak. Claiming that his friend "Steve" is a fan of archery, Oliver gave Felicity an arrow to track down where it had been manufactured under the pretense of buying more arrows for "Steve"'s birthday. By Lauren Piester Nov 29, 2017 3:05 AM Tags. "[144] She also stated that whilst Felicity's initial reaction to the news was seemingly calm, dealing with the day to day realities of the adjustments in her life would affect her greatly. [120] After the group successfully takes down Galaxy One, Felicity shares an emotional goodbye with Mia and William before leaving with the Monitor to reunite with Oliver at a place from which "there is no return". Oliver and Felicity are still the only members of the team left. She also helped Oliver out when his son, William Clayton, came to live with him by becoming William's tutor. [2][3][4][5][6][7] Andrew Kreisberg commented that he and fellow showrunner Marc Guggenheim were impressed both with her performance and by Amell's response to her character, and that they received positive feedback stating "And then the network called, and then the studio called and they were like 'This girl, who is she? To coincide with her persona, she also personally adopted the goth look, dyeing her hair black and wearing dark leather clothes and makeup. "[34], Felicity, alongside John Diggle, is shown to play an important role in the transitioning of Oliver Queen from a 'lone wolf' to part of a vigilante team. [136][137][138][139] Discussing his directorial debut in Arrow season seven, David Ramsey described the relationship between the pair as "one of the highlights of the season". As a child, Felicity wanted to be an astronaut and once begged her mother to let her go to Space Camp for the summer. She later joins Oliver in his crusade becoming one of the founding members of "Team Arrow", alongside John Diggle, and goes on to adopt the moniker "Overwatch". Felicity and Diggle found him, and when Oliver told them that he was going to turn himself over to Slade, Felicity tried to talk him out of it. This Arrowverse version of Felicity Smoak shares many similarities with the. Read on! When asked where he was, Felicity opened her communications link to Oliver, only to be startled at the sound of gunfire. Felicity's family and backstory come to the fore. Oliver gently explained that due to his vigilantism, he believed "it's better to not... be with someone that [he] could really care about", implying that he might have romantic feelings for Felicity as well, but wouldn't act on them. Felicity, Oliver, and Diggle were trying to figure out what The Undertaking was and how Moira was involved in it. Actor [27], In the 2018 "Elseworlds" crossover event, Felicity creates a device to stabilize the inter-dimensional breach, allowing the Earth-90 Flash to enter Earth-1. The season ends with Oliver and Felicity alone, in the ruins of their lair. At her apartment, Felicity found her mother packing and attempted to mend fences. At Moira's campaign event, Oliver gently confronted Felicity, wondering what was bothering her. Felicity called Oliver and Sara (at the same time) with the news that Roy escaped. She tried to convince Diggle to let Oliver in on the secret, but he refused and left. from the Central City Police Department. Felicity came to the office dressed for the work dinner and Ray told her that she looked ridiculous, but not in a bad way; he meant she looked beautiful. They left on a limo where it was attacked by H.I.V.E. Donna explained she already texted her, only to realize she didn't press "send" on the message, much to Felicity's exasperation. They were soon shocked to find Laurel with Sara's dead body down in the Arrowcave. Felicity examined it and found it contained chemicals used in wedding dress storage. She also has a new boyfriend in Detective Billy Malone, whom Oliver is later tricked into killing by Prometheus. Confused, Felicity wondered how Oliver learned to fly a plane if he was stranded on the island for five years.[22]. She mentions that they (John and Oliver) are going to get her "so incredibly fired" - indicating this is not the first time they've called her whilst she's working; Oliver asks her if she likes Italian, for their date that night. Damien then took her and put her into a gas chamber with Thea and Diggle. Labs. [211] Similarly, Caroline Preece of Den of Geek welcomed the promotion, and in particular the interaction between Felicity, Oliver and Diggle working as a team. These include a storyline running concurrently to the on-screen episodes, focusing on the characters of Felicity, The Ray, Nyssa Al Ghul and Wally West. She wondered why he asked her out of hundreds of other employees to which Ray showed her a couture dress, saying that she was the one he bought the dress for. An upset Oliver pointed out that because nothing good happened on the island, they were better off not knowing. [236] Chancellor Agard of Entertainment Weekly included the episode in his list of Rickards' "10 best Arrow episodes", citing both her performance and Wendey Stanzler's direction as reasons for its resonance.[229]. After Oliver revealed his identity to Roy, he brought the latter to the Arrowcave. [65] As he let her go, Helena was able to knock Bolton down and take back Felicity. [63] The repercussions of the events of season six and the first half of season seven ultimately lead to Holt stepping away from the venture, leaving it in Felicity's hands. Felicity quickly found the address of AK Desmond Group's headquarters at 1852 West Maple, 30th floor and gave it to Oliver, accidentally dropping her red pen in the process. Later that night, Felicity and her mother were eating Big Belly Burger when the city was attacked by the cyber-terrorist group, Brother Eye, who took control of the entire infrastructure. Damien then walked in on them and held Oliver in place with telekinesis. Despite saying "what happens in Russia stays in Russia" while in Moscow, she confronted Oliver about Isabel at Queen Consolidated, suggesting that she had feelings for him. Sometime later, she and Oliver arrived outside Alonzo's casino, where Oliver gave her another chance to back out. Not long after their defeat of Slade, Felicity helped the Arrow and Roy as they grappled on to a "drug plane". Despite his reservations, Oliver bent to Felicity's tenacity but insisted that he plan the mission, which she agreed to. Mitte der 4. Eventually cracking through its firewalls that evening, Felicity and Diggle learned that Barrera's target was Malcolm Merlyn. He abruptly left, leaving Felicity confused. [18] Following the abduction of Walter Steele, Felicity joins Oliver and Diggle in the lair, in order to find him. Discovering that Unidac Industries specialized in seismic infringement, Oliver theorized that Malcolm planned to level the Glades using a device that triggers a man-made earthquake. He instantly contacted Felicity and she tried to help him find the bomber, Shrapnel. She's so dialed into what she's doing that when she has to speak, she's not thinking clearly about what's coming out. Oliver hooded up to target Ken Williams, a name from The List, but Felicity locked him in the Arrowcave to point out that Ken was a single father with a 10-year-old son. [185], Felicity makes a brief cameo talking to Ray Palmer in the season one episode "River of Time". In the mid-season finale, following their engagement, Oliver and Felicity are ambushed in their limo by gunmen,[141] leaving Felicity paralyzed from the waist down. Felicity is based on the comic book character of the same name, created by Gerry Conway and Rafael Kayanan and was adapted for television by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg. He also emphasized that Ray "only has good intentions with Felicity", and that his initial pursuit of her was purely due to her intelligence, only realizing in the episode "Draw Back Your Bow" that his feelings were something more. Thankfully, Felicity had been in the middle of a call to Oliver's voicemail when Helena showed up, so he immediately arrived at Queen Consolidated upon hearing the commotion. [22][23] Her father is introduced as a career criminal who Felicity believed abandoned his family when she was seven years old although it is later revealed that her mother had in fact left him in order to protect Felicity from his criminal lifestyle. After a prolonged hacking battle between her and the Calculator, Felicity told Team Arrow that the web-nuke was hardwired in. She is reunited with Oliver following his release from prison. Biological Information Felicity apologetically explained that while she was very happy with Oliver, she missed the thrill of helping people as a member of Team Arrow. When the rest of the team left, Felicity used thermal imaging software to track the movements of Thea, Moira, and Slade on their tour of the house, therefore directing Diggle, Sara, and Roy on their mission throughout the Queen Mansion. Felicity and John came to Oliver's rescue, and when she was unable to discover what Oliver was poisoned with, John decided to call 911, despite Oliver being in full vigilante garb. She proceeded to the Arrowcave to direct Oliver to the thief's next target, only for the thief to overpower Oliver and knock him into a pile of unknown drugs. [15], When Slade Wilson was in the Queen Mansion on an art tour, Oliver quietly called Felicity. For the journey, Felicity chartered an airplane that she and John inevitably parachuted from, much to the former's terror. Eventually they did, but not as lovers, but to smoothen the tension between them. [169] In the season finale, Oliver is arrested by the FBI, leaving Felicity as William's sole parent. Upset that Oliver chose Laurel yet again, John told him that his absence caused the deaths of four A.R.G.U.S. [221] Writing in 2014, Mark Rozeman of Paste Magazine called Felicity "one of the best characters on TV". When they refused to tell her what had been stolen, Felicity hacked Harrison Wells' personal files to find out. Published by Abrams Books, the series is aimed at middle-grade readers, and is set on an alternate earth. When she'd recovered, she reported the kidnapping of Quentin and Laurel to Oliver, and managed to provide him with their location.[41]. [94][95], Speaking in the early days of Arrow about the development of a potential romantic relationship between Oliver and Felicity, Rickards stated that "the scenes Oliver and Felicity have together are always honest. Later, stationed in a van rather than the Arrocave, Felicity directed Diggle to plant a bomb on a bridge that would kill all of Slade's soldiers. Later, after Barry received a phone call from his boss demanding he return to Central City at once, Felicity was visibly disappointed that they had to say goodbye. Minutes later, she and John fetched Oliver to tell him about a break-in at one of QC's Applied Sciences facilities, where a centrifuge had been stolen. [119] Discussing Mia's relationship with Felicity, McNamara described it as "strained", but that she still very much cares for her. Felicity, Oliver's wife and one of the show's most important characters, missed "Crisis on Infinite Earths" and hasn't been seen since the Arrow season 7 finale when she left Star City to peacefully raise her daughter, Mia. Return to Star City and battling H.I.V.E. The first comic book was released in December 2019, with the second released in January 2020. As they worked, Samantha assured Felicity that Oliver wanted to tell her about William and asked her to remember that it was the former who put him in that position. Unbeknownst to her, Isabel believed she's sleeping with Oliver because of her abrupt job change and asks Oliver multiple times about it. Species Team Hood set up a sting operation at a fundraising auction for the Starling City Cancer Society using a Queen family brooch as bait. However, Green Arrow and Speedy's mission to locate Machin at Palmer Paper went awry when Thea began displaying a bloodlust due to the Lazarus Pit. [17][18][19][20][21] Her early years are later expanded upon in the season two episode "City of Blood", where she states she was raised in Las Vegas by her mother Donna Smoak, who worked as a cocktail waitress, and in the season four episode "Sins of the Father" with the introduction of her father, Noah Kuttler. [153] The two date, but break up when they both realize Felicity is still in love with Oliver. The man doesn't answer her question, but instead tells her that he knows someone who wants to hire someone with her expertise. By surprise, Cisco and Caitlin arrived to visit them and introduced themselves to their hideout, something Oliver didn't like. Felicity welcomed Moira Queen back when she paid a visit to the office, laughing at the joke Moira made. See more ideas about supergirl and flash, arrow tv, arrow memes. She also described the relationship as a whole as "a very important learning curve" for Felicity and that "she learned a lot about herself of how she could be in a relationship with somebody that really cares for her". After the police gala, Felicity disagreed with Oliver's plan to use his mayoral campaign to get into H.I.V.E. [152] During this season, Felicity meets Central City CSI Barry Allen,[123] who later becomes the super-fast hero known as the Flash. [197], She is also one of the protagonists of the tie-in novels published for the series. [28] Rickards has described Felicity as having "a very mathematical and systematic mind",[29] and sees her tendency to make inappropriate comments as part of that focus stating "I don't think they're parts on their own. Mehr und mehr drängt sie ihn jedoch dazu, sich ein neues Team aufzubauen, so dass Oliver eines Tages nachgibt und als neue Mitglieder Curtis, Rene Ramirez, Evelyn Sharp und Rory Regan rekrutiert. As a child, Felicity aspired to become an astronaut. [61] The company is further teased during the Arrow episode of the Arrowverse crossover event "Invasion", set during season five, where the building features in the alien induced shared-hallucination experienced by Oliver and others, acting as the portal to lead them all back to reality. In the final episode of the season, she plays a pivotal role in helping capture Oliver's enemy, Slade Wilson / Deathstroke. [89], During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Felicity as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[90] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe. [175] During the season, Felicity discovers that she is pregnant, eventually giving birth to a girl named Mia,[119] who is raised in secrecy outside of Star City. Technologically gifted, especially in the field of computer science, Felicity is a former member of Team Arrow, the former CEO of Palmer Technologies, and the founder/CEO of Smoak Technologies. Though their argument was still unresolved, a very concerned Felicity helped Oliver escape one of Shrapnel's booby traps by identifying the trap's power source. [100] The character breaks off her engagement to Oliver following revelations that he had been lying to her about his son, William Clayton, which also leads to her leaving the team. Felicity's striped top and grey suede moto jacket on Arrow. Later, when Oliver revealed that there was a cure for the Mirakuru, Felicity went to S.T.A.R. Szene: Felicity sieht wie ihre Mutter Quentin küsst. [15] Speaking ahead of the shows final season, Amell attributed the success of both the relationship and the character of Felicity to Rickards' performance. She was then able to trace the Calculator's web nuke to the Flint Hill Data Farm. Five months later, Felicity and John tracked Oliver to Lian Yu and traveled to the island to bring him back. [157] Now also CEO of Palmer Technologies, Felicity uses her position and resources to try and help the team combat Hive. Felicity began breaking through the phone's encryption and the next day, she discovered the last number Barrera called, which was to a Chinese restaurant called Jade Dragon, a front for the Chinese Triad. Oliver shot off the bottle cork with an arrow before they shared the wine.[66]. [6], When she was 16, Felicity had her wisdom teeth removed. Oliver hitched a ride on the moving subway car and eventually killed The Savior, saving Roy's life. Oliver grabbed a knife to confront the culprit, who turned out to be Mar Novu, the Monitor. When Slade broke into a S.T.A.R. After deciding to patiently wait till Roy woke up, Felicity told Oliver that he needed a new place to live, as the Arrowcave was comparable to a cave. After helping her mother prepare for an engagement party at the loft, Felicity tracked down another possible H.I.V.E. He gave Felicity Barerra's phone to hack, hoping she could figure out who his next target was so they could stop the assassination. agents, and though Felicity didn't say anything on the subject, it was clear that she agreed with John.[36]. Later though, her daughter, confirmed that she is in fact, still alive.[93][94]. Oliver realized that the amount of anti-psychotic drugs needed to manufacture the new Vertigo could only be found in a mental institution and promptly left Felicity in the Arrowcave to recheck the psychiatric hospital.

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