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Some of the key benefits named by survey participants were the deepening of know-how in familiar and complimentary fields of expertise as well as the individual development of personal networks and skills. Träger der Hochschule sind: The CHE Ranking provides you with information on courses offered, the library, university sports and much more at Management Center Innsbruck. These results correspond with the extremely high reputation in which their employers as well as the impressive professional development paths which the graduates hold. Like in many universities of Austria the academic year consists of two semesters. the networking and integration of studies with business and the working environment. The current College and University Ranking of CHE publishes excellent results for Management Center Innsbruck: With high-quality study programs in technology and natural sciences, MCI has achieved 40 positions among the top German-speaking universities. Die Unternehmerische Hochschule® Gegründet Mitte der 90er Jahre, hat sich das MCI Management Center Innsbruck mit seinen international ausgerichteten Studienangeboten auf gradualem, nongradualem und postgradualem Niveau einen hervorragenden Ruf … Another impressive result is that 94% of those surveyed at the MCI give a "very good" or "good" (average value for German universities 81%) for the organization of studies during this challenging phase. In total, feedback from more than 100,000 students was assessed. The survey also showed an excellent satisfaction rate of 7.8 for MCI students with their university. "EDUNIVERSAL" measures the quality of the programs based on three main criteria: The Best Masters "EDUNIVERSAL" ranking offers a globally detailed assessment of Master’s and MBA programs and is designed to help potential students in the selection of suitable study programs. The globally active company with headquarters in Sweden conducted the survey in Austria from November 2019 to April 2020 among 10,249 students. The Management Center Innsbruck links together the best out of science, economy and consulting to the unique concept of an international Entrepreneurial School®. Especially in the category 'Contact with professional practice' all surveyed study programs achieved excellent ratings. Students give the Entrepreneurial School® top marks even during corona period for its handling of the corona pandemic, the organization of studies and the framework conditions for digital teaching. 0 No reviews. It thus outperforms all other Austrian universities with an average score of 2.3 as well as its own top results (2.1) from the previous year. Help MBA aspirants choose their programs! The scale used ranges from 1 = very satisfied to 7 = very dissatisfied. All results of the CHE university comparison are published on MCI Management Center Innsbruck. Excellent rankings also apply to the entire field of teaching and studies. See the Ranking 2019: Social Work, Social Policy & Management. Students value MCI especially for its lecturers and professors, for the digital learning programs it offers and the career opportunities they create, for the practical relevance and international focus of the degree programs, for its career and counseling services, as well as student support. U-Multirank. In the MBA ranking of the Austrian ‘Industry Magazine’, the Entrepreneurial University® received the second best recommendation rate amongst all Austrian MBA providers examined. For the third time in a row, MCI’s Master Degree program "Entrepreneurship & Tourism" has been listed in the internationally renowned Worldwide Ranking of "EDUNIVERSAL" with top marks in the fields of awareness, employers recognition as well as student satisfaction. The center also has outdoor areas for people to enjoy, and on a different note it can withstand extremely high winds – with one part of the center even doubling as an emergency shelter. Universum is the global leader in Employer Branding and Talent Management. The MCI once again achieved excellent results in the university comparison conducted by the International Center for Higher Education (CHE). Das CHE Ranking bietet alle Informationen zu Studienangebot, Studienberatung, Hochschulsport und vielem mehr, an der Management Center Innsbruck. MCI's Career Services were also rated very highly. Executive PhD Program in Management The "Executive PhD Program in Management" jointly offered by the University of Antwerp, the Antwerp Management School and the Management Center Innsbruck is a four-year, part-time research-based program. MCI celebrates yet another international top ranking: in the recently published European trendence Graduate Barometer the Entrepreneurial School® excels with an impressive overall score of 1.9 on the scale of 1 (Very satisfied) to 7 (Very dissatisfied). Quality is no coincidence, but the result of many years of consistent work - the latest MCI Alumni Survey once again confirms this statement. University of Innsbruck - UIBK. The MCI finished up with an outstanding score of 8+ out of 10. Student satisfaction with the quality of their studies. It provides the perfect fit for senior executives who have been seeking for high-level DBA programs. It is ranked #=265 in QS Global World Rankings 2021. Every year, one third of the subjects are reassessed. MCI receives the label in the category "Contact to Work Environment", i.e. The survey results demonstrate highest rates of MCI student satisfaction with their university. MBA Ranking CEO-Mag 2020. We serve each year over 9.000.000 students accross the world. The survey examined the level of awareness of Austrian MBA providers, the willingness to recommend MBA providers to others and basic expectations of an MBA program. Source: Trendence Graduate Barometer 2016, European Edition Sample: 300,000 students from 930 universities in 24 countries. Today, more than 3,400 students, 1,000 faculty, 276 partner universities from all over the world, and countless graduates and employers value highly … The current University Comparison carried out by the International Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) once again provides excellent results for the Entrepreneurial School®, which secured 36 places in the top positions with its quality-oriented technical and scientific courses. The results are part of the world's largest career test of its kind, involving more than 1 million students and young professionals alike. This equivocates to 8.1 out of 10 possible points, which clearly sets it apart from the Austrian average of 7.5. In March 2020, the opinion research institute IMAD surveyed 151 managing directors and human resource managers of Austrian companies on behalf of the ‘Industry magazine’. ), Executive Certificate programs, Management seminars, Customized programs and research. The MCI Master's program "Management, Communication & IT" achieved particularly good results. With the Industry Magazine Ranking 2020, the Entrepreneurial School® chalks up another victory: MCI won this year's ranking while achieving an impressive image value of 1.66 (rating in the school grading system). The Entrepreneurial School® is notably the only academic institution in Austria that has taken first place in two of, altogether, three categories. U-Multirank presents university rankings with more than 1,600 universities from 95 countries worldwide. The results provide for objectivity and transparency and as such are a source of orientation on today’s increasingly complex higher education market. The renowned "U-Multirank", initiated by the European Commission, lists the MCI Management Center Innsbruck among the 25 best universities worldwide in two categories: In addition, there are a number of other excellently ranked indicators, for example in the categories of successful knowledge transfer to industry and strategic research cooperation. Years ago, the MCI began converting its MBA programs to a blended learning concept with mobile and online formats. Management Center Innsbruck has earned a top position in the international landscape of higher education. Claim this University. It thus outperforms all other Austrian institutions of higher education with an average score of 2.2 as well as its own top results of the previous years (2.0 in 2017, 2.1 in 2016). What more reliable way can there be to assess the quality of a university than with the help of academic investigations, independent media, external decision makers and clients? The University Report, as part of the Universum Talent Research 2018, once again posted a top score for general university satisfaction for MCI with 8.1 out of 10 points. The Paul Merage School of Business accounting programs have been ranked among the top 25 master’s and undergraduate programs in the nation by the Public Accounting Report’s (PAR) 38th Annual Professors Survey. It is up to the universities to decide whether to participate in the survey. The Universum Ranking (Universum Talent Survey 2017) has put MCI at the top of the Austrian academic landscape again. International Business School - IBS. This corresponds to 60 % of all evaluated quality criteria. Austria wide, this score amounts to 7.3 points or 68%. MA Entrepreneurship & Tourism. The poll tested name recognition and image as well as the usefulness of Executive MBA programs, which was assessed by 151 human resource managers and CEOs of leading Austrian companies. The master's programs "Entrepreneurship & Tourism", "International Business & Law" and "International Business & Management" also received excellent ratings for study organization and the transition to the master's program. 93.5% of MCI students would recommend the Entrepreneurial School® to others. The editors of the study consider the MCI to be an entrepreneurially oriented university with an extremely diverse range of Bachelor, Master and executive programs, which scored particularly in the segment of customized continuing education.The survey was conducted in cooperation with the opinion research institute IMAD and asked personnel managers and managing directors of the TOP-100 companies in each province about their assessment of the education at Austrian universities of applied sciences. The results are part of the world's largest career test of its kind among more than 1 million students and young professionals. 79% of all students stated that they would choose to study at MCI again. 21 Sep, 2020: World University Ranking 2020 - Europe atualizado com Universität Innsbruck … #%% list.rank_world %% #%% list.rank_country %% %% … MCI has now participated in the European U-Multirank university ranking for the second time. The Entrepreneurial School® is notably the only university in Austria to take first place in two of altogether three categories. QS World University Ranking Ranks 3rd among universities in Innsbruck. The study program in Mechatronics received top grades for practicality as well as its library facilities. The detailed results of the MCI Alumni Survey of Bachelor and Master programs are published at For the second time in a row, the renowned "U-Multirank", initiated by the European Commission, lists the MCI amongst the best 25 universities and colleges worldwide. MCI Management Center Innsbrück. Gegründet vor gut 20 Jahren, hat sich das MCI Management Center Innsbruck mit praxisnahen Studienangeboten auf gradualem, nongradualem und postgradualem Niveau einen hervorragenden Ruf in der europäischen Hochschullandschaft erarbeitet. Rate and review MCI Management Center Innsbruck. The Entrepreneurial School® has achieved a sensational 89 postions in the top group. Management Center Innsbruck. The editors of the study consider the MCI to be an entrepreneurially oriented university with an extremely diverse range of Bachelor, Master and executive programs, which scored particularly in the segment of customized continuing education. MCI scored particularly high with regard to the following quality criteria: internationality of training and education, commitment and competence of faculty, practical relevance, career opportunities and services, and student activities. Das MCI Management Center Innsbruck wurde 1995/96 als privatrechtlich organisiertes, aber weitgehend im öffentlichen Eigentum stehendes Hochschulzentrum gegründet. Quick facts. Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) is one of 25 universities included in U-Multirank for Austria. With a total of 42 outstanding ratings in the top group, the master's programs in the field of economics achieve excellent rankings in the comparison of universities by the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE). Universum, the global specialist in employer branding and talent management, again conducted a survey among 10,125 students in Austria in 2018. The survey ischaracterized by a multidimensional approach and takes into account not only the evaluation of publication and patent databases and statistical data, but also student evaluations. Moreover, the MCI is the only university that has been able to regularly rank in the top 3 in previous years. For the extremely high level of satisfaction of its international student body, the MCI has been chosen for the Very Good International Student Satisfaction Award 2015, which is made by the global student platform StudyPortals. The students are particularly satisfied with the international recognition and international orientation of their university, the open and friendly environment at an attractive university location, and the pronounced prestige associated with an MCI education, with regard to the development of individual careers and career paths. UNICO. Every year, one third of the programs are reassessed. The globally active company conducted the survey in Austria from November 2018 to March 2019, which involved 10,256 students. The Universum Ranking 2016 (Universum Talent Survey) has again put MCI at the top of the Austrian academic landscape. The results of the current CHE Ranking have been published at If you're the owner or representative of MCI Management Center Innsbruck, you can claim this University and build a better profile. The study program in Biotechnology in particular distinguishes itself from similar courses due to its professional relevance, practicality, and opportunities for studies abroad. With an outstanding number of points for the overall assessment of the university as well as for the career services, the Entrepreneurial School® scored well. Established in 1996, MCI Management Center Innsbruck is a private higher-education institution located in the urban setting of the small city of Innsbruck (population range of 50,000-249,999 inhabitants), Tyrol. Studyportals, which is headquartered in Eindhoven/Netherlands was founded by a group of students in 2008. Executives opt for an MBA at MCI to improve their professional and personal development. This is the result of the 2020 ranking by the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE), which compares universities and universities of applied sciences in Germany and Austria as part of a study survey. Founded in 1995/96 as a strong pillar of the unique entrepreneurial Innsbruck University concept, Management Center Innsbruck now occupies a prominent position in the international university scene. MCI received high rankings particularly for its lecturers and professors, the practical relevance of its study programs, its international orientation, the support it provides in career development, its counseling and services, as well as its attractive location. Considering that the Austrian average is 88.5%, this number is particularly impressive. Presence Rank* Impact Rank* Openness Rank* Excellence Rank* 1: 149: Universität Wien: 91: 117: 195: 260: 2: 374: Universität Innsbruck The following study programs offered at the Entrepreneurial School® have been distinguished by the renowned CHE Ranking: Biotechnology, Mechatronics, Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering, and Food & Bioresource Technology. Scale: 1 to 10: 1 = not satisfied at all, 10 = extremely satisfied. Vocational studies for executives and future executives in Business, Nonprofit Management … "EDUNIVERSAL" measures the quality of the programs based on three main criteria: Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering, Nonprofit, Social & Health Care Management, Digital Business Analytics & Digital Strategies, Business Analytics: Tools, Systems & Services, Project Management: Methodological Competence, The Logic of Strategy & Operationalization, Communication Management - Communication Strategy, Communication Management - Communication trends in the digital world, Sustainability as a core element of companies and organizations, Conduct conversations in a relaxed and confident manner, Data Science, Analytics and AI for decision makers, ReStart: New opportunities through digital transformation and sustainability, From practice – for practice: leading in times of digital change, Studying Online & Blended Learning at MCI, International orientation (student mobility, international faculty), Studies (duration of studies and excellent graduation rate), Know-how transfer (private research funds and further education), high probability of completing the program within the designated study period, support provided to students before and during their studies, high degree of employability (career orientation & preparation), Awareness and recognition by potential employers, Positions and starting salaries of graduates directly after graduation. MCI Management Center Innsbruck Ulrike Fuchs Public Relations +43 (0)512 2070 1527 Apply to over 1.000 masters programs all over the world for free. The Universum ranking 2015 (Universum Talent Research) has again put the MCI at the top of all Austrian universities; the Entrepreneurial School® is the only university in Austria to be placed among the first 3 in all categories. In addition, there is a number of other outstanding evaluated characteristics. You deserve the best. Students moreover appreciate the introductory phase of the study programs at MCI, which helps freshmen to find their way in the new academic environment. If you want to study abroad, you can find all information about universities, subjects, student visa, … The Entrepreneurial School® achieved 88 places in the top group, which corresponds to 60% of all quality factors evaluated and 50 places in the middle group. MCI’s “General Management Executive MBA” has made it to the top three again. All courses of this university. This year is the first time the prestigious awards have been made in three categories: In one category, students were asked how satisfied they were with the services provided by the Career Center (Best Career Service Satisfaction Award) and, with 7.9 out of 10 points, the MCI was the clear winner in the whole of Austria, followed by Leoben with 7.0 points. The survey also showed an excellent satisfaction rate of 7.8 for MCI students with their university. In particular, the programs score well in the following areas: The CHE University Comparison is the most comprehensive and detailed ranking in the German-speaking world. The 2019 ranking analysed more than 20,000 Master's and MBA programs in 50 subject areas, and ranked 5,360 programmes from 886 colleges and universities in 136 countries worldwide. Universität Innsbruck is one of the top Public universities in Innsbruck, Austria. U-Multirank examines various dimensions and analyses not only large and traditional universities, but also focuses on smaller as well as specialized universities. Source: Trendence Graduate Barometer 2017, European Edition Sample: 500,000 students from 1.000 universities in 28 countries. MCI students are particularly satisfied with the support they are provided by their university. MCI Management Center Innsbruck is a privately organized business school in Innsbruck, Austria, offering study programs leading to Bachelor and Master degrees as well as Executive Master programs, Executive Certificate programs, Management seminars, Customized programs and research. Throughout Austria, this satisfaction score is 7.2 points. Also the modern equipment of seminar rooms and laboratories has been evaluated with top grades. Throughout Austria, this satisfaction score is 7.2 points. The master's program received an excellent overall rating and was particularly convincing in terms of the organization of studies, support during studies and the transition to the master's program. In the 2016 Trendence Graduate Barometer Europe, MCI surpasses with a score of 2.1 the Austrian (2.5) and European (2.9) average ratings. The U-Multirank compares the quality of 1,711 universities and institutes of higher learning in 96 countries worldwide. MCI | Die Unternehmerische Hochschule® nimmt regelmäßig am CHE-Ranking teil und erzielt hervorragende Bewertungen. The university's information management, the possibility of digital exchange among students and the ability to continue and complete their studies as planned received outstanding ratings. Management Center Innsbruck has earned a top position in the international landscape of higher education. This year, the study programs in economics, industrial engineering, and social work were assessed. The survey was focused on university perceptions, soft skills and career ambitions. MCI at the top of the CHE College and University Ranking 2015/16. ... and an unbroken record of top places in polls and rankings, the Entrepreneurial School® is in demand as an international benchmark and partner for research, teaching and management training. In was shown that MCI students particularly appreciate the international orientation and recognition of the entrepreneurial school, the entrepreneurial attitude as well as the practice-oriented studies at MCI, which are reflected in excellent relations with employers and a high employment rate of graduates. The CHE university ranking is the most comprehensive and detailed ranking in the German-speaking world and surveys more than 300 universities and institutions of higher education, 2,700 disciplines and 10,000 study programs. Participation in university benchmarking programs, rankings and polls generates contact, dialog and comparison with other universities and thus creates the basis for continuous development, optimization and innovation. Always visit official university websites for actual information. Moreover, the MCI is the only university that has been able to regularly rank in the top 3 in previous years. Treffen Sie uns virtuelle oder auf Messen. For the third consecutive year Management Center Innsbruck has scored among the top three in the MBA ranking published by Industriemagazin. Choose one of the best 1000 Business schools in 154 countries.

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