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Looking at the data, we can see that this motor with the HQ5x4x3 averages 1151g, pulls 25.48A, and has an efficiency factor of 3.1. A lighter motor is going to have a faster spin-up & slow down, and will yield a faster change in speed. The most significant indicator of torque is stator size, so in some ways this factor is a spectrum between response times and motor weight. A lighter motor will most likely feel more precise in the air, and pids might be easier to tune. Hi, did you get an answer to your message. Also, a lot of frames I'm looking at don't even specify the motor mount pattern. You will need less thrust/motor if you have more motors, but it all comes down to motor/prop thrust values vs. overall weight of your Hex. I assume it means “wide open throttle”. Did i missunderstood something or is this kind of contradictory? Installing an esc with a higher amp rating would be similar to installing a fatter wire to the motor,it could handle more current, at the expense of added weight. Since this post is in a long range section, I'm guessing you will be going out some distance. If you haven't bought the batts yet, and don't want up to 2200 size, maybe try 1800mah. So that motor power can be calculated. Its just a carrier drone with minimum maneuverability, just a normal flight from point A to Point B and come back. Comment: OK for continuous use, Motor: DJI E300 (2212/920Kv) – Page 3 of 4, Prop: iFlight iCF 9443 Carbon Fiber DJI Hub Self Locking I really appreciate the advice. i need help in determining the maximum weight a drone can carry lift it’s RPM/V; I’ll be constructing a drone that has a robotic arm. This means that when a motor spins, it creates back-emf that can be measured as voltage. We could have chosen motors for the qq190RTF with a higher thrust output to go on this quad, but this wouldn’t have been a good choice because the motors on the QQ190 only draw 24A at full thrust with HQ 5x4x3 props. I have builded test stand for my project at university. Therefore, the first thing to consider when choosing the right setup is to determine what size drone you want to you want to build, what size props your chosen frame can run, and what batteries you want to use. The following items shold be considered when selecting the appropriate motor for your racing drone or multi rotor: The motor size that you need to choose is largely dictated by the size of your drone or quadcopter. Champion Co-brand. Agility: 5045 & 5045 bullnose or 5" triblades, with a mid-large high kv motor and a small 1300-1500mah high C lipo. If kv goes up, kt goes down.” Thank you very much! Once this priority has been made, finding your perfect motor should be easy. 75% 12.25 4.65 57 6661 428 74/23 After some research I have the following components: Frame 330mm: (160g) 25% 12.33 0.94 12 3508 73 70/21 Some pilots run the thinnest motor wire they can to minimise weight. Aim for a motor prop combo with the most efficient hover at your prognosed weight, just make sure to stay within current ratings and above 2:1 thrust ratio, or you'll have a bad time. Propellers also slide against a flat horizontal plane to prevent propellers from bending. 50% 16.34 2.97 49 6162 357 78/26 This props is perfect for freestyle flying, but isn’t quite the fastest prop out there, and a steep pitched, 5×4.5 bullnose prop allowed us to reach higher top speeds than the 5x4x3. Decide your frame type, prop size, flying style, and then use the data, your prop choice, and your personal preferences to determine the best motor for your build. I am hoping that I might get some expert’s opinion from those using this site. The result is a whopping 9:1 power to weight ratio. Comment: OK for continuous use, Prop: iFlight iCF 9443 Carbon Fiber DJI Hub 8mm Hole 50% 12.27 2.12 26 4712 204 74/23 Motor size The size is expressed by four numbers, the first two detailing the stator diameter and the second two relating to the stator height. My question is, if i am not concerned about Frame Size, how can i find the best prop to do the job. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Throttle Volts Amps Watts RPM Thrust(g) Winding Temp (F/C) AirGear Combo Set. Motor efficiency can effect flight times, voltage sag, and battery life. Propellers 8045 On the other hand, establishing such formulas for so many movements as basis for computer simulation is not an easy task. The general idea that you want to adhere to is ordering the following weight efficiency power, and torque in terms of priority for your individual build and flying style. 25% 12.37 0.93 12 3067 106 77/25 I am allowing 50% friction factor for movements of propellers and rolling of the wheels. 25% 12.42 0.93 12 3375 78 71/22 Most of the long range guys with 7" blades go with a 25XX motor. Remember that your battery will have to be able to support whatever amp draw you have at WOT, and that the smaller the battery, the less capability it has to flow high currents. Both motors will work, the 2206 are an amazing motor, and so are the 2205s,  partially due to the strong magnets. It is common to see that number double to 8:1 or more in racing quads. kV Rating. I found myself flying only the bottom 1/3rd of the stick almost exclusively, so I added some negative curve. And Tattu quadcopter motor is tested by many great pilots, mean while infuses the advantages of all the other motors in FPV quadcopter field. 75% 16.16 6.45 104 8541 570 72/22 ESC 30Amp Readytosky (100g) Propellers are not used for flying but used to enable rollers mass as means of generating rotational momentum. For the 2011 Melbourne motor show, FPV displayed the "FLPV concept" (commonly known as the "Black Edition"), based on the just released supercharged 335 kW (449 hp) GT series. 50% 12.30 2.30 28 4644 262 75/24 Motors handle about one quarter of the current from the battery. 10mm and 15mm extra distance compared to the simple metal cross. can you help me do deside witch motor should I use? Motor 2212 1400kv (192g) Stator size effects the torque output, and larger stators tend to produce more torque, whereas smaller stators produce less.”. Hence the name Frame size = Motor size. Great article! SPECIFICATIONS Weight: 0.5g (receiver only) Size: 11mm x 18mm Requires: Firmware V2.24 INCLUDES 1x TBS Crossfire Nano Receiver 1x TBS Immortal-T Antenna 1x Spare shrink tube 6x 30awg silicon connection wires (2 black, 2 red, 1 white, 1 yellow) 1 x pin header 1x4 Props can greatly effect performance of your drone, and some props are much better suited to specific builds than others. If i want to use 10000 kv moter then which esc i should purchase and which battery. 4S and up ofc. Throttle Volts Amps Watts RPM Thrust(g) Winding Temp (F/C) There are several types of motors available and several Stator/KV combinations available. 25% 12.33 0.98 12 3246 88 74/23 Comment: OK for continuous use, Prop: iFlight iCF 8055 Carbon Fiber DJI Hub (TE Style blade) 1200kv - 1800kv on 6S has better chance of being efficient, Always start with bi-blades to limit risk of too hot a setup. These sizes are not a golden rule, but a general guide is given in the table below. Could you please tell me how can improve the flight time?, I don’t know if I can use propellers 9040 or even is this will improve the drone. My 6 inch Rooter has 2600 motors and I can get around 3 miles out with it, with 5 inch blades. This is up to you, the builder to figure out. If you spin a motor, it will generate 1V at a certain RPM. A heavier motor will take longer to spin up and slow down, and will yield a slower change in speed. So a 450 quad has 450mm between motors… The motor torque is proportional to the size of the stator, but the larger the stator, the heavier the motor. So I have now mounted the 2306 sized motors onto a clone frame from banggood. Comment: OK for continuous use, Prop: DJI 9443 Self Locking prop (plastic blades) First of all many thanks to you for such a great blog. The main advantages of Li-Ion over Pb (lead acid) batteries is their compact size, light weight (roughly weighing 1/6 I've been getting into some long range (technically really short long range atm) and trying to figure out a good balance between prop size for 7 inch and motor sizes. So as Kv goes up, Kt goes down. So what can we learn from this? We here at QQ have found the following to be a good starting guide for sizing stators to propeller size: Selecting the right motor comes down to weight, power, efficiency and torque and the importance of each of these are ultimately determined by your flying style and what you are trying to accomplish with your multi-rotor build. I find it more feasible to prove it by making a functional prototype instead. I am making a quad-copter having a weight of 15 kg and want to fly it for about 10 kms. Remember, A good pnunomic to remember is Wept- the guys that followed the hype train and didn’t properly engineer their quads wept because they cooked their batteries. Can you cook your cheap motors with high amp esc’s? Flight Controller Soldering Service for Naze32 or Other Boards, Taranis X9D Plus Model & Settings Files, Voice pack, and Support, Sparrow Knight R220-FPV Racing Drone Frame, Colibri Race Powercube Flight Controller replacement. Choosing Motor Sizes. Each quadcopter motor has been carefully balanced and tested in the factory. How to choose the right size motors & ESCs for your Drone, quadcopter, or Multirotor build. 50% 12.27 1.93 24 4959 192 72/22 Expect short flight times. Many people have asked me how to properly size your motors to your quad. 75% 12.18 4.14 50 6741 394 76/24 You have to find thrust tests to figure that out. I started looking at motors for my 7" after finding that the higher KV motors are just not efficient enough for long ranges. Ages: 10 years and up. QQ190 Tank V3 Racing Drone Frame Kit Set includes motors, plastics, and camera. If we are knowing ESC current rating then how to find the motor current rating for quadrotor. Or are you building something to haul a camera and get the best flight time possible? So if you choose a QQ190 for instance, you could run 5″, or 4″ props, but for this example, we will choose to run 5″ props not only because this is what the QQ190 was designed to use, but also because this is the largest size that we will be running on our build. A lighter quad with motors that have less thrust can feel just as good in the air as a heavy quad that has motors that output max thrust. Im a bit confused about the Torque thing. Your email address will not be published. So when selecting your motor, you should try to find a motor with a high power-to-weight ratio. Yes, ” Stator size effects the torque output” -however, the recent advances in brushless motor technology has led to lighter, higher-torque motors. So if you are going to keep your flights in around a mile or so the battery size you mention will probably be fine with a light throttle finger. There are some suggestions about quadcopter frame size related to Lipo as below, maybe useful for you, click the original article link to know … 4S (16.4V) The idea is to measure thrust of different propellers. A motor will become a “battery eater” as you call it if it runs outside of it’s efficiency range. Robot Dynamics. I selected a pair of CW and CCW 3-blade 6/4 Master Airscrew propellers for a practical prototype size, used 2 sliding pvc tubes on each blade to allow telescopic movement for extending their length to 20 cm when desired. A motor with a larger stator will also be heavier, and will have a slower response time due to the moment of inertia. 50% 12.21 2.21 27 4552 255 69/21 i have a hexacopter with 10 inch props. 100% 15.59 13.09 208 9838 991 124/51 for example how much weight can a 250mm drone frame size, 2300KV Brushless Motors and 30A Esc can lift? It is a high-performance derivative of the Australian Ford Falcon.. You need to find a chart of a given motor’s Volts/rpm/Watts to make proper decisions about whether or not a motor is a good choice for your mulitrotor build. Our Top Pilots have chosen the BEST components so you can shop with confidence. Your prop size will be determined by your frame. Many thanks, you have made my life easy. Your frame type will determine many factors about your drone, such as what size props you can run, and what size motor you can mount. TBS Graphene FPV Drone Battery 1500 mAh 4S 14.8V. Looking at all-out thrust is a good thing to do, but it doesn’t mean everything. 75% 12.16 5.26 64 6339 502 75/24 By using this combination, a 1300 75C battery which can handle 97.5A is perfect for this quad. The thrust output of your motors has a lot to do with which ones to select. It featured an all-black appearance, and a unique front bumper and staggered wheel design at the time considered to be available on future FPV products. 75% 12.19 4.16 51 6752 346 69/21 The main work of any motor would be to rotate the modified and heavier blades which weigh 5 g/cm within the 20 cm length for a total of 300 g for 3 blades plus 3 of 75 g each of the wheels at the outer end of each blade for 225 g for 3 blades, for a total of 525 g per propeller and 1050 g for the 2 propellers. A higher KV motor can tend to be more efficient in the high rpm ranges, but at the expense of torque. In theory, it makes sense to use a CCW motor on all of your right hand motors, but in practice, a locknut does a fine job of keeping your prop tight regardless of rotation. 50% 16.32 3.09 51 5995 356 82/28 Thank you guys! The resulting RPM is the Kv of that motor. 75% 16.14 7.12 115 8139 652 85/29 I am happy to realize similarities of movements between my project with those employed for flying drones. It combines a small 12x12 footprint with a wide stator to generate a sizable amount of thrust compared to most micro motors. You are right, it seems contradictory, but this means that is is best to use a light-weight motor that also has high torque. 3S (12.3V) Fits for motors with 16x19 spacing (like 220X and 230X), 16x16 spacings (Like AriB 2514) and 19x19 spacings. Drones. So a motor with higher torque will be easier to tune, and will make the quad feel more precise in the air. In the end, you will want to make sure that you have enough thrust to fly well. FPV. Freestyle acro flyer? Motor Stator Size. Comment: OK for continuous use, Prop: iFlight iCF 1038 Carbon Fiber DJI Hub 8mm Hole (TE Style blade) We went looking for some info on DJI’s FPV goggles. 100% 12.01 8.06 97 8503 553 71/22 I am selecting my components and it’s my first quadcopter. Drone Arm Set -Standard -X-Agricultural -Coaxial; ALPHA Optimal Pack. „Clearly if you baby the quad it will be fine“ like krohsis wrote; limit the motor_output of the 2600kv motors, scale to less kv would prevent befor waisting energy, high ampdraw... next to the throttle expo kaity wrote. Not the other way around. The highest performing quads have the best power to weight ratios. This is where things get a little bit complicated. More battery is more flight time. How we can select the component to make quadracopter . :(. There is a lot of hype that is influencing people to build quads using strange component combinations, and the best quad is one that uses components that are well engineered to work together. I would appreciate your help in selecting the right kind of motor, controller and battery for the following. Crazepony 4pcs DX2205 2300KV FPV Brushless Motor 2CW 2CCW 2-4S Lipo Racing Edition Purple for QAV210 X220 QAV250 FPV Racing Drone (Purple) 4.2 out of 5 stars 69. Prop size ect Tattu 2305 2450KV Brushless Motors are the best and most powerful drone motors ever made for FPV Racing drone. Your email address will not be published. Thanks everyone! Stator size effects the torque output, and larger stators tend to produce more torque, whereas smaller stators produce less. Highest Grade N52 Neodymium magnets. Had we used a motor that draws more than 30A, we would have had to redesign our ESCs, battery recommendations, and possibly the overall design. Flight Controllers. High kv motors require more current than lower kv motors to produce a certain amount of torque. We will get you in … Ideally, you want to try to choose the motor that is most efficient throughout the range of operation, not just at the highest RPM. At 50% throttle the motors both look good in terms of efficiency and power consumption. 50% 16.36 2.72 45 6270 333 80/27 25% 16.43 1.24 20 4027 135 82/28 Comment: 85% throttle (770g) OK for continuous use, 100% throttle OK for 5 second bursts, Prop: iFlight iCF 9443 Carbon Fiber DJI Hub 8mm Hole It is one of the smoothest flyers I have now. why choose a taller stator over a wider stator for big props? 75% 16.21 6.18 100 8537 636 84/29 98. So a larger diameter motor for more torque/lower rpm to throw bigger props, and a longer more narrow motor for smaller higher rpm props, but both motors the same weight reaching the same total output in watts before becoming saturated. Comment: OK for continuous use, Prop: iFlight iCF 9047 Carbon fiber DJI Hub (DJI Style blade) This would give me the best option whilst still providing me with the greatest torque. Summary Simple motor Spacer for AR Wing and other FPV Wings. 3 Lock nuts and 2 sets of motor … Best motor for fpv racing, strong and powerful motor. 4S (16.4V) A couple things, a 2600kv motor isn't the best for LR, but not the end of the world. Frame size also limits the prop size and each prop requires a different motor to spin it and generate the thrust efficiently. KV can help us understand the current requirements of a motor to produce a certain amount of torque…. Now that we know what we should look for, we can start scouring the internet for DATA! A good rule of thumb for a quadcopter is to aim for a 4:1 power to weight ratio. 25% 12.25 0.90 11 3023 104 68/20 was my first build, learned to fly on this frame …, The QQ190 Tank V2 has been replaced by the

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